Sam and Jasper are the best of friends since a tragedy brought them together. They feel they have all the time in the world to succeed in their goals, until their lives come to a sudden stop when they learn the devastating news that Jasper is terminally ill, diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in his heart.
With only a few days more to live, Jasper is determined to make every minute count. He pleads with Sam to fulfill his last wish to sing once in front of an audience, before they are forced to say goodbye forever. The heartbroken friends leave everything they know behind to achieve the impossible, while coping with the loss, grief and saying goodbye.
Heart-Beat, a story about pure and unconditional friendship. What would you do if your life came to an end?

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“This book made me laugh, cry and then cry some more.”
“Amazing book, I’ve rarely read a book with so much emotion in the past years. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it aside. ”
“I’ve rarely read a debut book that throws punches like that. This is a story with a sad premise, but there are also ray of lights and positive notes, friendship being the ultimate one.”

About Kill Me Again:

It was supposed to be an innocent prank, but it became my death. The drowning of Lon Armstrong, seventeen years old.
When I came back to life, hallucinations lead me to him. He died exactly the same way I did. Only, he never came back.
I can’t forget about him. He was murdered and nobody even knows about it. If I can find his killer, I may find out who tried to kill me.
Even if it kills me again.

Kill Me Again is a gripping psychological and paranormal thriller.
When the door between life and death is left ajar, two words and two lives collide. What if it can never be closed again?

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